Asymmetria is like having your own personal family office. Clients benefit from Asymmetria's access and expertise to see similar investment opportunities typically only available to the extremely wealthy and large private investment institutions.
1A fixed annual fee to access asymmetric investment opportunities

Unlike alternatives, Asymmetria's annual fee is transparent, may be tax deductible, and is fixed - not based on assets under management.  Our costs don't change because you invest more so you shouldn't pay more.
2Opportunities are sourced from Asymmetria's professionals, our networks, and even other clients

Only opportunities with high returns and lower or managed risks are considered.
3Six to ten asymmetric opportunities are presented annually

Only those that pass Asymmetria's criteria are selected. Detailed materials thoroughly yet accessibly and clearly explain all potential risks and rewards.
4You select which opportunities to participate in and how much to invest

Each client confidentially decides if they are going to participate in an opportunity and, if so, how much to invest. Asymmetria's founders also participate in each deal so you know they will truly be asymmetric.
5Investing clients own a pro-rata share of an LLC created for each investment

LLC's are common investing tactics and each is a publicly filed, legal structure providing clients yet another layer of protection.
6Clients track returns via their Asymmetria portal

Transparency is critical to good investing – beyond portal access and quarterly statements; clients have full access to deal documents, Asymmetria's investment professionals, and regular analyst calls.
7When an investment concludes,
clients receive real returns and Asymmetria profits after you do

Returns and distributions are real – not paper returns that can create taxes and fees without actual income. And, unlike alternatives that charge fees based on assets managed whether you actually profit or not, Asymmetria profits after you do through profit sharing.
At Asymmetria, we won't invest in
something we don't understand...
you shouldn't either.

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