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Meet Our
Investment Advisory Board


While Asymmetria's client model provides the scale for like-minded individuals to participate in asymmetric investment opportunities, finding and vetting them requires access and expertise.


Asymmetria's Investment Advisory Board and our staff of financial analysts have the experience, connections, tools, and skills needed to access, identify, vet, and structure opportunities into asymmetric investments. Each opportunity is evaluated cross-functionally to ensure adherence to Asymmetria's criteria within our philosophy of "first lose no money" while we seek upside potential.

Chad Carstensen
is an investment adviser representative with a decade of experience managing the wealth of several high net-worth individuals. Chad is experienced in retail and non-retail vehicles and sits on the boards of several charities.
Greg Carstensen, CFA

has over two decades of investing experience in distressed and corporate debt and is currently responsible for managing $16+ billion in assets. Greg sits on several boards of companies his firm has capitalized and he has degrees in advanced mathematics, finance, and philosophy.

Matt Gilbert
is a principal at FIDES Capital Partners and has significant private equity, M&A, and financial structuring background. With over $2 billion in transactional experience, Matt has a broad set of venture capital and real-estate expertise.
Steve Harms, CPA
has a mathematics degree, is a Certified Public Accountant, and is a tax, accounting, and finance expert based on his nearly three decades of experience as a provider, client, and investor utilizing tax managing strategies in both the securities and private capital markets.
Scott Keplinger
has 25 years of sales, marketing, consulting, and P&L management experience with some of the world's largest brands. Scott vets the business models, underlying demand, and management quality of firms and, as co-founder of CK Capital, he sits on the boards of several companies the firm has capitalized.
Brian Martin
is president of Threshold Capital, owning and operating a large portfolio of multi-family properties. He has transacted on 115+ properties representing over 35,000 units and also owns several successful businesses across multiple industries.