Why Asymmetria

Asymmetria's founders have benefited from the imbalanced risk and reward profiles of asymmetric investing. Now others can too through the access, expertise, and scale needed to achieve asymmetric returns... all while maintaining individual control.

Access Expertise Return Scale
Asymmetria is Access

Asymmetric investment opportunities exist but few individuals access them because they reside in the private capital markets or the securities markets generally used by institutional investors.
See opportunities not typically
made available to retail investors

Asymmetria has a deep network to source opportunities in the vast private capital markets.

Family offices, hedge funds, and other large private institutions know asymmetric opportunities reside in these non-retail markets through distressed debt, real estate, private financing, and venture capital (VC).

Asymmetria has the access, tools, and resources used by these private and institutional investors to find asymmetric opportunities in the vast debt and private markets.

Through this access and the scale of joining like minded investors, Asymmetria's clients are able to realize the benefits of asymmetric investing.
Asymmetria is Expertise

Many opportunities exist in the private and institutional capital markets but few meet the high return, lower risk criteria to make them asymmetric. Choosing the right opportunities requires expertise.
Knowledge and tools to identify
and vet asymmetric opportunities


Like the equity markets, countless numbers have made and lost fortunes in the broader capital markets that include distressed debt, real estate, private financing and venture capital. Consistently generating returns while avoiding losses only happens to those who are prepared and cautious.


One of Asymmetria's principles is "don’t lose money" yet high returns have been achieved. Doing so requires experience, tools, and the specialized skills to identify, vet, and select those few opportunities we act on.


As a result of a disciplined adherence to our criteria, more opportunities are rejected than accepted...an approach that has and will continue to serve us well.

Asymmetria is Return

Asymmetria's objective is to generate wealth for our clients. We believe in our approaches so much our earnings depend on your success and we risk our own capital in each opportunity too.
Consistent returns with managed risks

Those who haven't experienced asymmetric investing may not believe high returns with managed risks exist. Asymmetria also has a healthy skepticism so our business model is designed for skeptics like us.


Beyond decades of asymmetric investing experience, we only present opportunities we are personally investing in too. Skin in the game better aligns everyone's incentives plus we want asymmetric returns too.


Asymmetria's profit sharing model also aligns incentives as we profit after clients do, it rewards performance instead of activity, and it avoids compensation models based on assets under management.


At Asymmetria, we're skeptical, we put our own money where our mouth is, and we align incentives. In other words, we manage Asymmetria the same way we invest.

Asymmetria is Scale & Control

Many asymmetric opportunities are out of reach of even wealthy individuals. Asymmetria's business model enables individuals to access investments typically only available to the extremely wealthy or institutions. Our approach also keeps you in control.
Trust yourself, not an unknown fund manager

Unlike a mutual or hedge fund, Asymmetria clients don't send a single lump sum and then hope for the best... while potentially worrying about the worst. Rather, with Asymmetria, clients are in control.


Asymmetria is kind of like Shark Tank™ but for more types of investments beyond venture capital. Each client decides which opportunity they wish to invest in and how much to invest. They also legally own a portion of each publicly filed LLC created for each investment instead of shares in a fund combining multiple assets.

At Asymmetria, we won't invest in
something we don't understand...
you shouldn't either.

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